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2019-10-08 07:00

Pharmagest Interactive: strategic acquistion by subsidiary Malta Informatique of ICT Group

Villers-les-Nancy, 8 October 2019 – 7:00 a.m. (CET)
Press release

MALTA INFORMATIQUE expands the coverage of its services to community health centres by acquiring a majority stake in ICT Group

  • A strategic diversification by MALTA INFORMATIQUE and the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division, a Pharmagest Group subsidiary, which now addresses the needs of the different types of community health centres (maisons de santé, centres de santé and pôles de santé) but also private practitioners.
  • Acquisition of a 70%-stake in ICT Group, an independent software vendor and provider of web-based software solutions for health centres grouping multiple professionals and private practitioners.
  • ICT Group, the leader in this market through its flagship software solution ICT Chorus®, equips 170 health centres of the 735 signatories of the agreement with the French health insurance authorities (Accord Conventionnel Interprofessionnel avec l’Assurance Maladie) or 23% of those equipped with a qualifying software platform (ASIP V2).
  • A key strategic advance for the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division operating through MALTA INFORMATIQUE whose newly acquired critical size will support the continuing promotion of the Group's new services such as the Digital Healthcare Gateway for the exchange of data between private practitioners and hospitals.


MALTA INFORMATIQUE, a subsidiary of Pharmagest Group (La Coopérative WELCOOP), has completed its acquisition of the majority stake in ICT Group, a developer of multi-disciplinary software and online hosting solutions for health centres (maisons de santé, centres de santé and pôles de santé) and is now positioned in this new specialty, offering a high degree of complementarity with its current activities.

Created in 2004 and managed by Jean-Frédéric SCHWAAB and Véronique TOURLONIAS, ICT Group proposes Chorus, the first multi-disciplinary online software solution. The Chorus platform is certified for the Hosting of Health Data (ISO HDS). When combined with a comprehensive suite of services, it is able to meet the needs of all frontline healthcare professionals, whether working independently or within facilities grouping professionals from different disciplines (maisons de santé, centres de santé and pôles de santé).
As a key player and market leader in this segment, ICT Group equips 200 multi-disciplinary facilities with a total of 5,000 users of its ICT Chorus® solution.
ICT Group is recognised for the quality of its solutions and professionalism which has allowed it to develop a loyal and diverse customer base of healthcare professionals throughout France. ICT Group is continuing to innovate and now offers Chorus Community (the first social media platform specifically designed for healthcare professionals) to address the needs of different communities of healthcare professionals at the territorial level (Communautés Professionnelles Territoriales de Santé or CPTS).

Health centres and, soon, territorial health communities (CPTS): a public policy response to low physician density
In response to the challenge of low physician density in certain regions, different types of community health centres are being deployed throughout France. These structures provide a solution for creating geographical and functional networks for health professional networks.
Public authorities have recently moved to further expand the healthcare offering at the level of local communities through the pending creation of territorial health professional communities. The purpose of these communities will be to facilitate coordination of outpatient care and improve the conditions for private practice health professionals to exercise their profession within each territory. The purpose of each territorial health professional community will be to bring together first and second-line health professionals (general practitioners and specialists, nurses, etc) and, as applicable, social care professionals and social workers who will intervene in a coordinated manner to optimise the patient care pathways.

By combining their forces, PHARMAGEST, MALTA INFORMATIQUE and ICT Group become the only player able to propose a comprehensive offering to all health professionals whether private practitioners, professionals grouped within structures or hospitals…
Through this strategic acquisition, Pharmagest Group becomes one of the few European players able to provide a complete range of innovative solutions to all health professionals regardless of their organisation or structure: private practice, ALFs, hospital at home programs, home-based nursing programmes (SSIAD) and senior service centres (CLIC), retirement homes, health centres (centres de santé and pôles de santé), hospitals and soon, territorial health professional communities, in order to help them cover their needs, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, and requiring specifically designed solutions.

An expanded and complementary offering for optimising coordination among health professionals
With this acquisition, Pharmagest Group's Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division acquires a new dimension and becomes a major provider of innovative IT solutions for health establishments, structures and territorial networks with:

  • A very comprehensive offering of specialised software solutions.
  • Community-based digital solutions for health professionals and a social media platform for healthcare professionals (Chorus Community® or DoctoDispo® developed by ICT) to improve coordination among different participants in the care process at a territorial level. These tools will be gradually extended to health professionals equipped with the solutions of MALTA INFORMATIQUE and DICSIT INFORMATIQUE.
  • Expanding the coordination of healthcare:
    • Medical coordination between ALFs/hospitals/home-based nursing programmes and health centres that are not grouped together.
    • Definition of the links and sharing of information.
  • Developing solutions to help the pharmacists to define their position within the future territorial health communities (CPTS).
  • Create a centre of excellence for IT outsourcing and hosting services: MALTA INFORMATIQUE and its subsidiaries (DICSIT INFORMATIQUE & AXIGATE) provide third-party management for more than 250 healthcare and social care facilities (ALFs, hospital-at-home programmes and home-based nursing services…) within the Pharmagest Group Datacentre based in Nancy. With the addition of ICT Group, itself a certified provider of health data hosting services (ISO HDS), assuring third-party management for all its customers (200 structures), the human scale of this division will allow it to meet the challenges over the medium term of IT hosting needs for hospitals and university hospitals.

Grégoire DE ROTALIER, Chair of MALTA INFORMATIQUE and Head of Pharmagest Group's Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division commented: "By combining our strong presence across the different types of healthcare structures (ALFs, hospital-at-home programmes, home-based nursing services, senior care service centres and hospitals), with ICT Group's position in the sector of territorial-level multi-disciplinary structures, we are expecting significant synergies as a result of the complementary nature of our two activities. This strategic acquisition will facilitate our access to new market segments in France where the recognised know-how of ICT Chorus will support our strong business growth. We in this way confirm our determination to strengthen our positions in France and Europe to achieve our development targets, notably with respect to issues relating to coordination between private practitioners and hospitals as well as between different private practitioners themselves."

Jean-Frédéric SCHWAAB and Véronique TOURLONIAS, ICT Group's senior executives, added: "MALTA INFORMATIQUE's backing and the strength of a group like Pharmagest will allow us to benefit from the technology blocks we currently lack to meet the needs of territorial health communities.
Today, all health professionals are looking for innovative and secure solutions to coordinate patient care within their territories. After CHORUS, DOCTODISPO and CHORUS COMMUNITY, we are planning to develop teleconsultation solutions, connected objects, the patient account, etc. Given our size, we considered that proposing solutions within an acceptable timeline for the market would have been difficult. Becoming a member of MALTA INFORMATIQUE and Pharmagest Group is a source of satisfaction in light of the complementary nature of our offerings.
This technical complementarity is supplemented by a shared passion and commitment to developing solutions for health professionals. This business combination will make it possible to rapidly create and deploy innovative solutions the health market is awaiting for and create value for all our stakeholders."

About MALTA INFORMATIQUE and the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division:
MALTA INFORMATIQUE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pharmagest Group, is an independent software vendor specialised in applications for elderly residential care homes and day care facilities, a fast-growing sector in which it has a 28 % market share. Its TITAN application is the only solution on the market covering the entire medication pathway for elderly assisted living facilities. At the 31st of August 2019, MALTA INFORMATIQUE had equipped 2,150 elderly assisted living facilities (EHPAD) in France.

MALTA INFORMATIQUE also operates in the hospital at home segment with its subsidiary DICSIT INFORMATIQUE and equips a broad range of structures: Hospitals at Home, home-based nursing services, Local Information and Coordination Centres for the Elderly (CLIC) and Collaborative home-based support and care services (SPASAD). Through its subsidiary AXIGATE, MALTA INFORMATIQUE addresses needs of the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) sector.

The Division equips more than 3,000 healthcare establishments with a team of 130 employees and revenue of €18 million in 2018.

About Pharmagest Group:
Pharmagest Group is the French pharmacy information technology leader, with a market share of more than 44% and more than 1,000 employees. The Group's strategy is based on a core business of improving healthcare through information technology innovation and developing two priority areas: 1/ Services and technologies for healthcare professionals, with a focus on assisting pharmacies in patient medication compliance; and 2/ technologies for improving the efficacy of healthcare systems.

To roll out this strategy, Pharmagest Group has developed specialised business lines: pharmacy IT, e-Health solutions, solutions for health and social care facilities (for ALFs, Home-Based Nursing Services, Hospital-at-Home programmes, senior care service centres, multi-professional and paramedical healthcare providers and hospitals), apps and connected health devices,...

These businesses are grouped within 4 Divisions: Pharmacy - Europe Solutions; Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions (MALTA INFORMATIQUE); e-Health Solutions and Fintech.

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Malta Informatique
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