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Mandy Moore va grimper une partie de l'Everest

L'actrice de «This is us» s'est lancé le défi de rejoindre l'un des camps de base de l'Everest en neuf jours, accompagnée d'une amie et d'une guide.


L'actrice s'est découvert une passion pour l'alpinisme. (photo: Instagram)

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Alors que la plupart de ses collègues de la série «This Is Us» se reposent en attendant que le tournage de la saison 4 débute, l'interprète de Rebecca s'apprête à se rendre au Népal pour, dit-elle, sortir de sa zone de confort. Mandy Moore, 35 ans, s'apprête en effet à escalader une partie de l'Everest pour atteindre l'un des camps de base de la montagne, situé à plus de 5 000 m d'altitude.

Elle sera accompagnée par l'une de ses amies, Eddie Bauer, et par une guide qui a déjà escaladé le mont Everest à six reprises, Melissa Arnot. «Je suis très excitée! Ça ne me fait pas du tout peur, c'est vivifiant», a-t-elle assuré à People.

Pour être certaine de réussir ce défi, Mandy Moore s'entraîne dur depuis longtemps. En 2018, elle a gravi le Kilimandjaro, en Tanzanie, et, en mai 2019, elle a fait plusieurs jours de trek en Nouvelle-Zélande.

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There a plethora of reasons #whyihike. It gives me grounding, connection, recalibration. There are oh so many metaphors for the challenges and discomfort that one may face on the trail that can be applied to life in a general sense. It can also be a time of quiet reflection, a time to drink in every frame of new terrain, to stand in wonder at the sheer beauty and magnitude of this planet.... it's truly endless. This trip signifies all of that and more: it's an opportunity to take a break from the chaos of the daily grind, travel to the other side of the world with some of my closest friends and to gently push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Day 1 was a soft landing: a leisurely hike through the verdant foothills of Mount Aspiring National Park. Day 2 of our trip to Wanaka meant a rafting excursion down the west branch of the Matukituki river before a helicopter trip up to the Alpine slopes surrounding us and a summit of Black Peak. Epic! Being in this magnificent country for the past week has consistently taken our collective breath away- I can't wait for what awaits us next. Stay tuned!!! #whyihike #liveyouradventure Une publication partagée par Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) le 2 Mai 2019 à 11 :01 PDT

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@melissaarnot and I met early last winter and I happen to think it was love or atleast unbridled admiration at first sight. And this was before I even knew what she really did, mind you. Yes, she of 6 Everest summits (the only American woman to do it without supplemental oxygen) and too many other climbs, treks and accolades to name. She's also an @eddiebauer alpine guide, a trained paramedic & Co-founder of The Juniper Fund, a non-profit that provides financial support, vocational training and business grants to the families of Sherpa workers killed on Everest and surrounding mountains. Plus she's a wife, a new mama and a mentor to many folks who look to her for steady guidance tackling climbs and meeting their goals all over the globe. In other words she is the personification of a bad-ass and I immediately confided in her my deep desire to travel and climb mountains together. Cut to our trip to NZ and we finally found ourselves side by side trekking through ice, snow, lush forest canopies and soggy/ seemingly bottomless holes of mud and slippery, moss covered rocks. On this particular day, we descended 3k feet, not on any sort of trail, just down the mountain side... and I kept slipping on the combo of steep terrain and the aforementioned muck. Gradually I felt myself start to tense up and become hesitant with each step, as I was terrified to twist an ankle or plunge down the mountain face first. Full disclosure: I am a perfectionist. I am not good at not being good at something. I started to beat myself up for what I perceived as slowing down the group because it seemed me that no one else was having any difficulty. That became my narrative for a little while and I was pretty bummed at myself. Having her by my side to recognize and remind me that this was ALL new territory, that I had never done anything like this before so why would I automatically assume I'd be great it? The idea that I needed to be way kinder to myself seeeeeeems like a no-brainer piece of advice but it felt revelatory in that moment and even more so with some distance. Melissa is a patient teacher, whose strength, fortitude and heart serve as the perfect emblem of true leadership. Une publication partagée par Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) le 3 Mai 2019 à 4 :06 PDT

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On the night of our ascent to the summit, we woke up at 11pm (after a few hours of napping) to enjoy a couple of nervous minutes together with a cup of coffee before it was time to gear up in my our warmest layers and start the nearly 8 hour trek to highest point in Africa- 19,341 ft. In total darkness, we took it pole pole (slow slow) and trudged through rain, sleet and snow, where seemingly everything on our person managed to freeze (water bottles, backpacks, our eyelashes, hair, fingers, toes, etc...) Oddly, I've never felt more determined to tackle such a physical challenge before and yet the combined elements of exhaustion and extremely cold weather made it much trickier than any of us were prepared for. All of that aside, ultimately reaching the threshold of the true summit was more emotional and overwhelming than I had thought possible. Kilimanjaro demands a lot from those who traverse her trails. You have no choice but to show up. And we did. There's nothing more empowering than realizing that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. #whyihike #liveyouradventure #sponsored Une publication partagée par Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) le 31 Mars 2018 à 9 :40 PDT