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Miley Cyrus a rendu hommage à une candidate

La chanteuse a témoigné son soutien à une ex-candidate de la version américaine de «The Voice», qui vient de mourir et avec qui elle s'était liée d'amitié.

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Jurée dans la version américaine de «The Voice» en 2017, Miley Cyrus s'était liée d'amitié avec l'une de ses protégées, Janice Freeman. Malade depuis plusieurs années, l'ex-candidate est décédée des suites d'une embolie pulmonaire, samedi dernier. Elle avait 33 ans. Lors de leur rencontre, la star de 26 ans avait appris que cette maman d'une fillette de douze ans connaissait des problèmes de santé.

Bouleversée par la mort de Janice, Miley a posté lundi un message touchant sur Instagram: «Je t'ai fait une promesse, ici sur Terre, et je vais tenir cette promesse puisque tu nous regardes depuis le paradis. Prendre soin de ta précieuse petite fille et éclairer ton mari et ta mère quand les jours seront sombres».

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I miss you so much it hurts. Everywhere ..... but so did you. So often. So much pain and no one would ever notice because of the smile and joy you constantly radiated . I am trying my best today to celebrate your existence but I can't help but just deeply mourn over your absence . All those texts I would receive , just of you saying that your praying for ME. How you were so selfless I'll never understand . The way you found the good in everything . You are now a rainbow . Something beautiful that comes after something so gloomy. You were the only artist EVER, that I tried so hard to " sign" , was going to create a label just so YOU could be on it. No one has heard them and I hope to share at an appropriate time, but the records you were creating with @brandicarlile (where it all began , the story ) and my dear writer friend @ilsey were so magically beautiful JUST LIKE YOU. Today we lost a legend . Do you hear me . Everyone got it so wrong on our season together of The Voice because no matter what has been recorded or remembered YOU won my angel . You are not only the best singer that show has ever had the honor of having on that stage but the best fucking singer in the world. What makes me sick is we always wait till the best are gone to recognize them and truly tell them what their art meant to us. The hope their voice gave us .... the emotions they pulled from us. Janice you're my star! I will never give up on you. Ever . I am no longer your coach , I never was ..... YOU constantly taught me. You've been my coach on how to love , on how to persevere , on how to fight for what I want and never let even my own body get in the way. Anything is possible if it's being done with faith. You are my world . I will never forget you or stop loving you. I am forever yours , Miley Une publication partagée par Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) le 4 Mars 2019 à 7 :37 PST